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The American Nightmare - Collection / Anthology

The American Nightmare

Phillip Hayes Dean

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822222071

THUNDER IN THE INDEX. The action takes place in the psychiatric ward o…

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Collection / Anthology

THUNDER IN THE INDEX. The action takes place in the psychiatric ward of a large city hospital, where Joshua Noon, a hip young black man, lies bound in a straitjacket. His pleas to be unshackled lead to a sharp, funny and exacerbating verbal duel with the attending physician, Dr. Goldberg, in which the disparate and perhaps irreconcilable worlds of the two men are brought vividly into focus. But, ironically, the self-assured Dr. Goldberg is ultimately revealed to be an escaped patient himself, which leaves, in the end, the tantalizing question: Who is really mad, the kept or the keeper? (2M, 1W, plus two brief bits for men.) THIS BIRD OF DAWNING SINGETH ALL NIGHT LONG. Asleep in her apartment in the wee hours of the morning, Anne, a white woman, is jarred awake by a ringing telephone, and then again and again, until she rips the cord from the wall in frustration. But then the ringing phone is replaced by a knock at the door, her insistent caller being a black woman—who claims that she is Anne's twin sister, Nancy. Rattled and fearful, Anne tries to decoy her unwelcome visitor from the apartment, but Nancy stays. Gradually their encounter develops into a revealing, provocative and ultimately fatal confrontation, which yields a disturbing yet perceptive study of racial distrust and the essential brotherhood it subverts and denies. (2W.) DREAM OF PASSION. Returning home late from a disastrous out-of-town appearance, Rainbow Rivers wakens his wife, Cayella, from her nightmare-ridden sleep. Their conversation soon moves toward memories of the powerful show business figure who has so dominated them both, in body and spirit, that they will never be truly free until they exorcise, once and for all, the lingering uncertainties and fears that still bind them to him even now, when the years of success have gone by. This they struggle to do, with a result that is tragic but in the end both moving and elevating as well. (1M, 1W.)
"…a genuine command of dialogue and the ability to create dramatic tension and atmosphere." —NY Times.
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