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The Architecture of Loss - Full Length Play

The Architecture of Loss

Julia Cho

Full Length Play

5m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822220282

It's another hot day in Tucson when a strange man arrives at Catherine…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

It's another hot day in Tucson when a strange man arrives at Catherine's door. To her shock, he turns out to be Greg, her former husband, who—sixteen years earlier and for no clear reason—left and simply never came back. Now, he has returned, but the family he left no longer exists. Catherine informs him that their son, David, disappeared eight years ago and remains missing. One by one each member of the family tells Greg a version of what happened the summer David disappeared. Their stories are a meditation on loss and the abiding power of the unknowable. But they are also about the need we all have for explanations, answers and, perhaps above all, absolution. For as they reveal their stories, the only thing that becomes clear is that the nine-year-old boy who vanished is far from the only thing they lost.
"A family is the subject of THE ARCHITECTURE OF LOSS, Ms. Cho's touching new play…[The] scenes are very strong; they run deep." —NY Times. "…THE ARCHITECTURE OF LOSS is the kind of play one wishes there were more of: totally unpretentious, of the utmost simplicity, and steadily close to the bone. It is, moreover, about real people…" —NewYorkMetro.com.


5m, 2f


Expandable casting


Julia Cho

Julia Cho's plays include The Language Archive (2010 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize), The Piano Teacher, Durango, BFE, The Architecture of Loss, and 99 Histories. Her plays have been produced at South Coast Repertory, The Vineyard Theatre, The Public Theater, Playwrights Horizons, New York Theatre Workshop, East West Players and the Cincinnati Playhouse, among others. view full profile

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