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The Break of Noon - Full Length Play

The Break of Noon

Neil LaBute, Neil Labute

Full Length Play

2m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822225348

Amidst the chaos and horror of the worst office shooting in American h…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Amidst the chaos and horror of the worst office shooting in American history, John Smith sees the face of God. His modern-day revelation creates a maelstrom of disbelief among everyone he knows. A newcomer to faith, John urgently searches for a modern response to the age-old question: at what cost salvation?
"Unsettles exactly as it should…A nifty coup de théâtre that demands that you rethink everything you've seen up to that point." —NY Times. "A darkly comic morality tale." —NY Post. "Neil LaBute has done something quite different in this new play: He's created what basically amounts to a Rorschach test of faith." —Associated Press. "Molière’s Tartuffe, a world classic, [is] also based on a transparently obnoxious oaf who parks himself in his gullible friend's home, against the redundant and increasingly desperate advice of the host's family, before trying to marry his host's daughter while seducing his wife…Through all of this, Tartuffe claims to be a humble representative of God, while preaching the gospel of his personal salvation—much like LaBute's protagonist…LaBute, like Molière, is a national class clown, a satirist hurling barbs at sundry hypocrisies, and our inability to know the truth, let alone to tell it…LaBute is not Molière reincarnated, but their plays share a proclivity for cruelty and for trying to fathom why and how people lie—not only to each other, but to themselves." —L.A. Weekly.


2m, 2f


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