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The Bride Comes to Yellow sky - Full Length Play

The Bride Comes to Yellow sky

Frank Crocitto, Stephen Crane

Full Length Play

4m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822201526

After many years of stern bachelorhood, the Marshal of Yellow Sky has …

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Full Length Play


Bare Stage/Simple Set

After many years of stern bachelorhood, the Marshal of Yellow Sky has gone off to be married in secret, but now, returning with his bride, he is embarrassed to let the towns-people know what he has done. He tries to persuade his bride to sneak into town the back way, but she misunderstands his sheepishness and is about to take the next train home when trouble erupts in the form of Scratchy Wilson, an aging gunslinger who has come hunting for the Marshal. But when Scratchy finds out that his nemesis is unarmed, he is slowed down—and when he discovers that he is married, he is stopped dead in his tracks. There's just no point (or satisfaction) in feuding with a newly married man, or in carrying on in front of a lady. So it's all off as far as Scratchy is concerned. As for the Marshal—well maybe being married has its points after all. So it's on into town, to introduce his bride to all the good citizens of Yellow Sky.
From the story by Stephen Crane. A classic tale of the "Old West," skillfully adapted into a warm-hearted and delightfully amusing short comedy. Especially recommended for play contest use.


4m, 1f

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