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The Dancing Mice - Full Length Play

The Dancing Mice

John Patrick

Full Length Play

7m, 5f

ISBN: 9780822202677

The setting is a laundromat in a poorer section of a large city, a gat…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

The setting is a laundromat in a poorer section of a large city, a gathering place for the diverse characters who live in the neighborhood. As these very different people come in contact, a wide range of human experience is revealed, as are the fears and tensions which so often drive us apart even when compassion and understanding are so sorely needed. In the course of the action there are poignant "memory sequences" which probe into the secret thoughts of the individual characters and which are contrasted against the moments of violence, intrigue, romance, comedy and pathos which are the stuff of their real lives. In the end there is also death, but, with this, an awareness of the resilient humanity and sense of hope which reside in all men and which, ultimately, must provide the ways to redemption and a better life.
Vivid and highly imaginative, this powerful allegory, one of the few "serious" plays by this famed master of comedy, offers a timely and eloquent comment on the ills of modern society.


7m, 5f

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