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The Dark is Light Enough - Full Length Play

The Dark is Light Enough

Christopher Fry

Full Length Play

12m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822202721

Atkinson in the NY Times, describes the play: "THE DARK IS LIGHT ENOUG…

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Full Length Play



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Atkinson in the NY Times, describes the play: "THE DARK IS LIGHT ENOUGH is set in an Austrian country house in the winter of 1848-49 during a futile uprising of the Hungarians against Austrian rule. The play is concerned with the impact this rebellion has on the inhabitants of the house. Foremost of them is the countess—an eminent lady of wit, independence, compassion and honesty. At the bottom of the heap is a highly intelligent scoundrel with no character at all. Apart from several other well-drawn people, representing either amusing worldliness or earnest convictions, the play concentrates on the ordeal of the countess' conscience. Although she is above petty acrimonies, although she overflows with forgiveness, she is grievously hurt by the callousness of the scoundrel's unprincipled behavior." Through a last final act of self-sacrifice, in which she gives up her own life to save another, the countess redeems the scoundrel, and some of her own strength and nobility become his.
Produced on Broadway. "…a fine capacity for eloquence…He likewise possesses a pretty wit, sharp and epigrammatic." —NY Post.


12m, 3f

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