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The Deadly Game - Full Length Play

The Deadly Game

Friedrich Dürrenmatt, James Yaffe

Full Length Play

6m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822202844

As told by Atkinson (NY Times): "Three retired men of law on a remote …

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

As told by Atkinson (NY Times): "Three retired men of law on a remote mountain in Switzerland amuse themselves by going through the legal ceremony of prosecuting strangers who drop in. An American traveling salesman is their guest on a snowy evening. Although their 'deadly game' seems foolish to him, he agrees to it to humor his hosts. Since he has never been guilty of a crime in his life, he is unable to propose anything they can try him for. After a little amiable social conversation, the retired prosecutor discovers a plausible case. He accuses the traveling salesman of having murdered his boss. At first, this appears to be a wild improvisation. But Mr. Yaffe, using Mr. Dürrenmatt's novel as source-book, gradually makes something real out of phantoms. By ingenious questioning, he proves his case out of the witness' own mouth."
"…a tidy, literate piece of dramatic make-believe." —Chapman, NY News. "…provides a steadily engrossing evening in the theatre." —NY Post. "…an adult delight." —NY World-Telegram & Sun.


6m, 2f


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