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The Delusion of Angels - Full Length Play

The Delusion of Angels

Don Rifkin

Full Length Play

3m, 1f

Obsessed with the character of Heathcliff (from Wuthering Heights), yo…

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Full Length Play


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Obsessed with the character of Heathcliff (from Wuthering Heights), young Michael Moorehead, an aspiring poet seeks to evoke the romantic nature of his idol in his own life—a conceit regarded with amused forbearance by his professorial mentor, Evan Buckman. Interested in advancing Michael's academic prospects (not to mention his own amorous interests in Michael himself) Dr. Buckman helps his protégé to prepare a paper for delivery at a university conclave, a project which is sidetracked when Michael takes up with a comely young art student, Sharon Glass, who seems to be the personification of his poetic vision.The action shifts deftly from Dr. Buckman's office to Michael's apartment (now shared with Sharon), to the apartment where Dr. Buckman lives with his longtime male lover, George Brandon—who also happens to be Sharon's art instructor. Ironically Dr. Buckman's attempts to seduce Michael are echoed (with equal futility) by Sharon's designs on the hapless George, all leading to a quirkily romantic quadrangle in which jealousy, deceit, pettiness and the baleful effect of flagging passion are explored with wit, humor, compassion and a telling awareness of the way in which we delude ourselves about the scope—and nature—of our true capabilities.
An exceptionally perceptive, witty and clever play. "Mr. Rifkin's dialogue has a psychological acuity that can be funny and painful at the same time…THE DELUSION OF ANGELS is the work of a very promising talent." —NY Daily News. "…in every way a fine piece of work by a potentially important new American playwright." —Drama-Logue.


3m, 1f

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