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The Devils - Full Length Play

The Devils

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Elizabeth Egloff

Full Length Play

9m, 6f

ISBN: 9780822216568

In a small provincial town in 1870's Russia, a group of friends hunger…

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Full Length Play



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In a small provincial town in 1870's Russia, a group of friends hunger to join the national movement for Socialist revolution. Under the influence of their idealistic new leader, Peter Verkhovensky, they risk arrest by producing a poster advocating a national strike. However, when their charismatic founder, Nicholas Stavrogin, returns from abroad on the verge of nervous collapse, their loyalties waiver. Peter and Nicholas struggle for control of the group, and the members, engulfed by paranoia, wind up murdering one of their own. Paralleling the action is the plight of Nicholas Stavrogin, a rapist, haunted by the ghost of his young victim. Loosely based on the novel by Dostoyevsky, and steeped in the historic events that shocked 1870's Russia, THE DEVILS is a story of love and betrayal in a society on the edge of revolution; a society full of idealists destroyed by a new definition of humanity.
"Elizabeth Egloff's new adaptation of THE DEVILS…reimagine[s] Dostoyevsky's sprawling political novel for the theater…Her aim underscore[s] the novel's pungent Satire/Political Satire…Ms. Egloff, too, pays homage to the novelist's prescience." —NY Times. "Her vast play inspired by Dostoyevsky is a study in the possibilities, and the limits of adaptation from one culture to another…Postmodernly, Egloff reads past Dostoyevsky's 19th century idealism to the hidden agendas underneath…Egloff catches the humor of the novel's self-contradicting characters…" —Village Voice.


9m, 6f


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