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The Dirty Talk (Puzzo) - Full Length Play

The Dirty Talk (Puzzo)

Michael Puzzo

Full Length Play


ISBN: 9780822222361

In Michael Puzzo's comedy THE DIRTY TALK, Lino and Mitch, an outrageou…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

In Michael Puzzo's comedy THE DIRTY TALK, Lino and Mitch, an outrageously mismatched pair of strangers, find themselves stranded in a hunting cabin—in the mountains of New Jersey—during a ferocious storm. Unable to leave (the phone's dead, the car's engine is flooded—its windshield wipers are gone) we gradually find out these men aren't exactly here by mere happenstance. During their tumultuous day together, the two explore what defines being a man, the value of emotional intimacy, the lies we tell each other and most devastatingly the lies we tell ourselves.
"A delicious two-hander by Michael Puzzo about strangers stranded in a hunting cabin. How they came to be there is hilariously doled out by Mr. Puzzo along with thoughts about identity, the Internet and the liar in us all…as rewarding a trip off the beaten path as you'll make." —NY Times. "Michael Puzzo's very funny and unexpectedly moving comedy THE DIRTY TALK tells an unlikely tale about two unusual but ultimately very likely men—and it does so with such refreshing candor, wit, and intelligence that we are at once disarmed and entirely engaged by it. Puzzo's writing is dark, hilarious, and frequently, as the play's title suggests, dirty. It's also joltingly honest…Superb…One of the most satisfying and entertaining shows currently in New York." —NYTheatre.com. "Michael Puzzo's THE DIRTY TALK crackles with intensity…Highly satisfying." —BackStage. "Puzzo's exploration of gender roles as a barrier to self-expression is both funny and touching…Puzzo's dialogue pops…a very talented writer…I was left with an open mind and a racing heart. Don't let this little show pass you by." —CurtainUp. "Few plays start off with a bang the way THE DIRTY TALK does…An overall exceptional play that effortlessly wraps a serious storyline around healthy and frequent doses of belly-aching humor." —Broadway World.



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