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The Enclave - Full Length Play

The Enclave

Arthur Laurents

Full Length Play

6m, 3f

A group of congenial friends have restored several adjoining houses in…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

A group of congenial friends have restored several adjoining houses in one of New York's more attractive neighborhoods, and plan to move in en masse—setting up a sort of urban commune. However, one of their number, a confirmed bachelor, has resolved to confront the others with the fact of his long-concealed homosexuality and to bring along his young male lover as a permanent addition to the group. Although his friends have always prided themselves on their tolerance and openmindedness, they are outraged, and the enclave itself is imperiled. But as, in the developing crisis, the particular nature of each other character is exposed and explored, it is evident that they are not above reproach themselves—and the ultimate lesson of the play is one of forbearance and understanding and the need for fairness in judging those whose lifestyle may diverge from the conventional.
This Off-Broadway entry by one of our theatre's most admired and successful writers, brings wit and sophistication to its resourceful examination of the often touchy subject of homosexuality. "Mr. Laurents writes in an attractively hard-edged style, with jokes cracking like ice in extra-dry martinis." —NY Times. "Arthur Laurents has turned to the subject of homosexuals and society's problem in accepting them in its conventional midst." —NY Post.


6m, 3f

Arthur Laurents

Arthur Laurents

Arthur Laurents (1917-2011) was the prize-winning author of musical plays such as West Side Story; Gypsy; Anyone Can Whistle; Do I Hear a Waltz?; Hallelujah, Baby!; and Nick & Nora; and screenplays such as The Snake Pit; Rope; Caught; Anastasia; Bonjour Tristesse; The Way We Were; and The Turning Point. His plays include Home of the Brave, The Time of the Cuckoo, A Clearing in the Woods, ... view full profile

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