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The Girls of the Garden Club - Full Length Play

The Girls of the Garden Club

John Patrick

Full Length Play

2m, 17f

ISBN: 9780822204480

For Rhoda Greenleaf gardening is all and the presidency of the local g…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

For Rhoda Greenleaf gardening is all and the presidency of the local garden club her highest goal. But standing in her way is the incumbent, Lillybelle, who peppers her speech with French phrases and is a general pain in the neck. How to oust Lillybelle and install herself as president becomes Rhoda's obsession—with husband, children and home all pushed aside as she pursues her own quest. Despite help from other club members Rhoda is stalled, until her daughter's boyfriend comes up with a novel idea—he slips a voice box into Rhoda's prize plant, turning it into the world's only talking flower. As it has been agreed to have the presidency of the garden club go to whomever wins a first prize in the Flower Show, Rhoda appears to be a shoo-in. But then, as fate would have it, complications arise. Rhoda's plant apparently dies; it comes miraculously back to life; Rhoda wins first prize; Lillybelle cries foul; the "plant" gives Lillybelle a few choice words; and the shaken Lillybelle retires in defeat. To make matters perfect Rhoda's long-suffering husband agrees, at last, to give her the money for a greenhouse—and, as the play ends, the "girls" of the garden club are happily joined in a triumphant, stirring rendition of the Garden Club song.
An hilarious new play by one of our theatre's leading writers of comedies which, as the title suggests, deals with the indomitable ladies whose lives revolve around the often outlandish doings of the local garden club. "GIRLS is a delight because it reflects reality. For every comic characterization onstage you can recall someone in your own life as a double offstage." —Chronicle-Telegram.


2m, 17f

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