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The Harvesting - Full Length Play

The Harvesting

John Bishop

Full Length Play

7m, 4f

The place is Mansfield, Ohio, the time 1976—during the celebration of …

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

The place is Mansfield, Ohio, the time 1976—during the celebration of the nation's bicentennial. As the play begins, a police radio reports the murders of the wife of a leading citizen and her lover, and a team headed by chief detective John Torski immediately swings into action. Suspicion, at first, centers on the victim's husband, a ruthless local businessman named Bim Miller, a classmate and former friend of Torski's—until he too is murdered. Thereafter the fascinating trail of clues leads, step by step, through a series of revealing interrogations which, in the end, piece together a chilling tale of hidden crime, festering guilt, alienation and eventual retribution—violently exacted by a tortured, long-lost son who has never forgiven—or forgotten—the sins of his unloving parents.
Set in a small midwestern city, this spellbinding, gripping play uses the investigation of a shocking double murder as a means to probe into the damaging truths heretofore hidden in the lives of some of the leading citizens. Successfully presented by New York's famed Circle Repertory Company. "THE HARVESTING is the stage equivalent of a book you can't put down: I couldn't take my eyes off the stage…a tense, spine-tingling play." —Gannett Newspapers. "…fast-moving and steadily entertaining thriller…" —NY Daily News. "…tense and meaningful…As the drama unfolds it becomes more and more engrossing…" —NY Post.


7m, 4f

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