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The Hotel Play - Full Length Play

The Hotel Play

Wallace Shawn

Full Length Play

ISBN: 9780822205340

The setting is a hotel in the tropics where a beleaguered desk clerk t…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

The setting is a hotel in the tropics where a beleaguered desk clerk tries to placate, amuse and occasionally seduce the widely varied clientele who come and go during the course of the play's quick flowing action, each acting out a brief but telling personal vignette. The guests, mostly neurotic in one way or another, represent a broad cross section of modern society and reflect the hang-ups and social shortcomings so prevalent in contemporary life. But despite its ironic approach—and characters—the play is ultimately a paean to the well-ordered and comfortably ordinary—qualities so elusive and rare, and yet so desirable, in our unsettled and unsettling times.
A lively theatrical tour de force, this offbeat rendering of Grand Hotel was presented by New York's famed La Mama Experimental Theatre Club with a cast of over 70 performers, drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds. Comprised of a series of brief scenes, some bitingly satiric, some outlandishly bizarre, the play provides a humorous but telling assessment of modern foibles and obsessions. "Shawn writes about contemporary life with a zest for detail and a flair for the fantastic that suggest the unlikely mating of Chekhov and Lewis Carroll; he can make the most trivial, fleeting comment sound unbearably sad and make the most bizarre grotesquerie not only believable but funny." —Soho News. "…he adroitly transforms a far-flung collection of blackout bits into a ceaseless flow of life." —NY Times. "…one-third social Satire/Political Satire, one-third surrealist nightmare, and one-third bittersweet romantic comedy." —Village Voice.


Reduced casting (Doubling Possible), Flexible casting


minimum of 50-70 players

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