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The Last Good Moment of Lily Baker - Full Length Play

The Last Good Moment of Lily Baker

Russell Davis

Full Length Play

2m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822206354

Bob and Sam work for the same corporation, but have not seen each othe…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Bob and Sam work for the same corporation, but have not seen each other for three years since Sam has been heading the company's new operation in Italy. Sam and his wife, Molly, return for a visit to the United States and invite Bob and his wife Lily to spend a weekend with them at the country inn where fifteen years ago the two couples honeymooned together. Through the course of the weekend, it becomes apparent that Bob and Sam have grown to have very different ideas about business, success, honesty and marriage, yet both feel a pressure to ignore these differences, and to somehow find ways to celebrate their friendship. Bob's troubles are magnified when he finds out, early in the weekend, that Lily, who lately has seemed distant and sad, has been having hallucinations. Hoping his old friend can advise him, Bob confides in Sam about the problem; but Sam later jokes about it with Lily, revealing her secret as public and adding to the chaos of the weekend. Bob and Lily, find themselves struggling with some of the notions, roles and structures they once upon a time accepted for themselves. They struggle with a world which seems to have expanded on them. Or perhaps with their own inner spirit which is reasserting itself. This play has an essentially realistic surface, but underneath are surreal lurches and political undertones. But it is a play with a happy end, where a husband and wife fall in love again.
A reunion of two couples at the place of their honeymoons opens the Pandora's box of memories, jealousies and intimacies that lead these four people to find the future, as well as their past, bittersweet, nostalgic and even fun. "Davis…painlessly imparts a deeper universal meaning having to do with personal sign posts lost and regained…while amusing us more than a little en route with a verbal wizardry that warms and delights." —NY Daily News. "…THE LAST GOOD MOMENT OF LILY BAKER is wonderful…Davis' dialogue is the key." —Theater Reviews.


2m, 2f

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