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The Legendary Stardust Boys - Full Length Play

The Legendary Stardust Boys

D.B. Gilles

Full Length Play


The setting is the basement recreation room where "The Stardust Boys,"…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

The setting is the basement recreation room where "The Stardust Boys," a local Ohio polka band, meet to rehearse. Urged on by their leader Stosh, they are getting ready to make a demo record that Stosh hopes will lead to the fame and fortune that have eluded them thus far. The other players, who hold full-time jobs and have been content to settle for the extra income their weekend bookings provide, humor Stosh—but the mood darkens when Nick, the accordion player and star composer for the group, announces his decision to marry and leave the band. What is suddenly at stake is the very existence of "The Stardust Boys" and their newly kindled hopes for the big time—a prospect that Stosh cannot easily accept. Tension mounts as Stosh confronts Nick with the perfidy of his decision, and the others, joining in, reveal the problems that shadow their own lives. In the end it is clear that their music, and the escape it provides, has been the sustaining force of their lives, and its loss, however stoically borne, will return them to the tedium and bleakness that they have struggled to surmount.
Presented Off-Broadway on New York's celebrated "Theatre Row," this affecting and probing examination of the American Dream denied uses the plight of a struggling polka band to illuminate the larger truths that affect the lives of its members. "He can create characters and make them confront each other in ways that reverberate through the theater." —Soho News. "…the work of a major new writer…he is a playwright with resonance.'" —Bergen Record.



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