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The Monogamist - Full Length Play

The Monogamist

Christopher Kyle

Full Length Play

2m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822215257

Dennis, a forty-something poet who has never lived up to his earlier p…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Dennis, a forty-something poet who has never lived up to his earlier promise, has just written a collection of poems concerned with the relevance of monogamy in 1990s America. And, in a testament to his new philosophy, he's recently married his longtime companion, Susan, a professor of women's literature at Princeton. So imagine Dennis' surprise when he finds Susan in bed with one of her students, the morally ambiguous Tim. Thrown into a mid-life crises by his wife's infidelity, Dennis ends up in the arms of Sky, a confused twenty-year-old who says she voted for George Bush because she's fanatically pro-choice on abortion! As the liberal Dennis leads Sky toward political enlightenment, he is forced to reevaluate his work and his relationships - even the legacy of his precious '6os generation. An edgy and original Satire/Political Satire, THE MONOGAMIST examines art, love and politics in an age where the rules for each of them no longer apply.
"There is a cheekily quirky new voice in our theater. It belongs to Christopher Kyle, by far the most stimulating playwright I've encountered in many a buffaloed moon…" —NY Magazine. "THE MONOGAMIST, a confident, smart, very funny new play…this psychological Satire/Political Satire is a stylishly hard-edged but humane comedy of manners about the confused remains of '60s sex, media, arts and politics in the '90s." —NY Newsday. "THE MONOGAMIST is as purely funny a play as there is in New York today and they do not come any smarter." —New York Law Journal. "Smart, funny, articulate and wisely touched with rue…the script radiates a bright, bold energy." —Village Voice. "Trenchant, dark and jagged, THE MONOGAMIST is the best comedy of the season…newcomer, Christopher Kyle [is] a playwright whose social Satire/Political Satire comes with a nasty, ripping edge—Molière by way of Joe Orton." —Variety.


2m, 3f


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