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The Nice and the Nasty - Full Length Play

The Nice and the Nasty

Mark O'Donnell

Full Length Play

8m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822208150

Food Technology, a giant conglomerate, is being run by Cathexa Heitz, …

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Full Length Play


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Food Technology, a giant conglomerate, is being run by Cathexa Heitz, daughter of the aged founder, Hobart Heitz, (who has retreated to his enormous estate with his second wife, a teenaged ex-porn star) with the advice and counsel of the ruthless Blade Crevvis (who has an adjoining skyscraper torn down because it reflects the sun in his eyes). Into Cathexa's life comes an ingenuous young scientist, Junius Upsey, who has invented a cellophane helmet that converts the sun's rays into nourishment, thereby obviating the need for conventional food. Cathexa and her father are taken with Junius and his invention, but Blade (who is secretly plotting to destroy mankind) definitely is not—which leads to the frantic hilarity that ensues as Blade and his evil assistant, Smurgison, seek to remove this obstacle to their nefarious plans. Happily all works out for the best, thanks to the last minute intervention of a deus ex machina and the diligent efforts of a ten-year-old reporter, who has become the most popular anchorman on TV because "everybody trusts a kid."
An outrageous and totally original Satire/Political Satire which uses cartoon-like exaggeration to make some hilariously telling points about the mindless greed and self-destructiveness of the modern world. First produced by New York's prestigious Playwrights Horizons. "…the talented Mark O'Donnell unleashes an almost nonstop barrage of erudite barbs —NY Times. "…capable of provoking both big laughs and chuckles, with a barely hidden row of satric spikes underneath." —Village Voice. "He has created a cartoonishly exaggerated world that is itself enormously amusing, full of pulsing, impudently imagined life…a play that sends up skyrockets of merriment." —Newark News.


8m, 3f

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