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The Offering - Full Length Play

The Offering

Gus Edwards

Full Length Play

2m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822208372

The scene is a shabby basement apartment on New York's West Side, wher…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

The scene is a shabby basement apartment on New York's West Side, where Bob Tyrone, an aging black, lives with his young wife, Princess. Now on welfare, Tyrone spends most of his time dozing, or glass in hand, watching television. Unexpected visitors arrive in the form of Martin, an obviously prosperous young black man, and Ginny, his beautiful white girlfriend. Martin offers Tyrone a large sum of money, but Tyrone declines and invites his visitors to stay the night. In a series of highly atmospheric scenes, it develops that Martin, a hired killer, had known Tyrone when he too was a power in illegal activity, and he still regards him with awe. At first the action seems to be concerned with Martin's desire to help his former mentor, but gradually, as the sense of menace deepens, we are aware that a struggle for sexual dominance has now become the focus of their relationship—as Tyrone seduces Ginny, and Martin, suddenly powerless, yields to the psychological battle of wits to which his now reinvigorated master has subjected him.
Successfully produced by New York's renowned Negro Ensemble Company, this arresting first play blends menace and humor, with unique stylistic originality, as it details the confrontation between a young man, his aging mentor and the women with whom they share their lives. "Gus Edwards is a new playwright to reckon with." —The Hollywood Reporter. "…a new departure for drama by a black playwright." —NY Magazine. "For a first play it is remarkable…" —NY Times.


2m, 2f

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