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The Pope's Nose - Collection / Anthology

The Pope's Nose

Howard Korder

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822209027

THE LAWS is a monologue in which a man reads a series of laws, contras…

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Collection / Anthology

THE LAWS is a monologue in which a man reads a series of laws, contrasting the ancient and the modern worlds. (1 man.) THE FACTS takes place at the scene of a mysterious briefing in the style of a hearing—where one character warns, "the facts speak for themselves they speak eloquently indeed." (5 men, with silent extras). In IMAGINING "AMERICA," a director interviews for a job on a project extolling the American dream, only to find out that what he is really wanted for is his connections to certain actors—actors he cannot deliver. (2 men.) MAN IN A RESTAURANT depicts a day in the life of a man who drinks espresso at a cafe table from early in the morning to very late at night. An odd assortment of people share his table over the course of the day—including his ex-wife, a tourist couple, a laborer, a priest and a student. With each guest at his table the man displays a chameleon-like ability to change his identity with each of their stories. (8 men, 2 women.) In GIRLS' TALK, a very nosy woman tries to get to know her new neighbor whose son keeps hiding under the sink, against a backdrop of wife abuse. (1 boy, 2 women.) In WONDERFUL PARTY!, a hostess hardly knows anyone at her own party. (5 men, 3 women.) UNDER OBSERVATION a touching monologue in which a woman responds to the hospitalization of her husband in very technological language. (1 woman.)
A collection of short comic plays and sketches that depict the absurdity of a life without human connection. Howard Korder's work is perfect to display a wide range of acting talents and styles. "The short piece is Korder at his savvy satirical sharpest." —Drama-Logue.
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