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The Red Address - Full Length Play

The Red Address

David Ives

Full Length Play

4m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822216063

In a radical departure from his comedies, David Ives writes a searing,…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

In a radical departure from his comedies, David Ives writes a searing, disturbing drama about a middle-American businessman whose company and whose very life and sanity stand under attack. E. G. Triplett leads an outwardly respectable, all-American-male existence until a mysterious business rival, Driver, comes to town and threatens not only to take over E.G.'s business, but to reveal his sexual secret: that in the privacy of his own home, with the aid of his loving wife, Lady, E.G. dresses in women's clothing. When Lady is brutally murdered, E. G.'s world collapses and he makes a desperate attempt to hold himself together - losing his own life in the process. In the end, only E.G.'s friend, Dick, is left to piece together the meaning of what had happened, and to try to make sense of the baffling man he had known as E.G. Triplett.
"…something like a short story…a cross between Maupassant and a film noir…" —NY Post. "THE RED ADDRESS…is a balancing act, and what holds its themes together is Ives' keen sense of irony, his shrewd theatricality…this play abounds in verbal felicities." —NY Daily News.


4m, 2f

David Ives

David Ives

David Ives is probably best known for his evenings of one-acts, collected as All in the Timing (Vintage Books) and Time Flies (Grove Press). His full-length work to date has been collected in Polish Joke and Other Plays (Grove). He is also the author of two young-adult novels, Monsieur Eek and Scrib. He lives in New York City with his wife, Martha. view full profile

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