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The Southwest Corner - Full Length Play

The Southwest Corner

John Cecil Holm, Mildred Walker

Full Length Play

3m, 4f

Marcia Elder, a retired village school teacher, lives alone in her fam…

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Full Length Play

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Interior Set

Marcia Elder, a retired village school teacher, lives alone in her family home in Vermont. She is very happy in her lovely country house, but she begins to think about the possibility of finding a companion who will care for her as she grows older. In reply to an advertisement she has put in a newspaper, Bea Cannon turns up. Bea is a widow, energetic, talkative and the kind of person who takes over wherever she finds herself. Marcia agrees to take Bea as her companion, signing a will in which she leaves her house and all its antique furnishings to Bea in return for Bea's care as long as Marcia lives. No sooner is Bea settled into Marcia's home than her true nature appears. She's not actively unkind or selfish—but being insensitive she can be almost more cruel. Bea can understand only her own kind of life—one which centered around confession magazines, television and gossiping with the neighbors. Since none of these things are available in Marcia's home, Bea starts a campaign to get Marcia to sell her farm and move to the city. Marcia, who is too gentle to withstand Bea's forceful determination, grows more and more unhappy and finally gives in to the point where she agrees to auction off the house and its furnishings. We know that Marcia's life, away from the place and things she loves, will be very short but it seems there is nothing to be done. Until, at the last moment, during the auction itself, something happens which saves Marcia's home and provides her with delightful companions—a young couple who are planning to marry, and who will live in Marcia's home with her.
"There is a great deal of charm in a sentimental comedy called SOUTHWEST CORNER which opened last evening…There also is humor of a gentle and whimsical sort." —NY News.


3m, 4f

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