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The Staring Match - Full Length Play

The Staring Match

Jerry McNeely

Full Length Play

6m, 2f, 1girl(s)

ISBN: 9780822210726

In ranch country which is suffering from drought, a community is holdi…

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Full Length Play


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In ranch country which is suffering from drought, a community is holding a large meeting to pray for rain. Mattie Hobbs tries to persuade her husband, Linus, to accompany her to the meeting—Linus is religious but in his own way: He intends to help his neighbors build a church—he just doesn't want to go to it. But at Mattie's insistence he goes with her and their little daughter, Molly Mae, to the meeting, which is held in the schoolhouse. With great humility and sincerity the townspeople pray for rain. There is a knock at the door, and in comes a man dressed completely in white. Though no one at the meeting has ever seen him before, he greets them all by name, asks about their affairs, and gradually a suspicion creeps 'round the assembly: Can Mr. White—that's what he calls himself—be an angel of the Lord? His announcement that he has been sent to help them find a well convinces them. They're eagerly crowding about him when there's another knock at the door, and a second man enters, this one dressed completely in black. With the same courtesy and affability displayed by Mr. White, the newcomer, Mr. Black, announces that he too has been sent to help the community find a well—and lets it be known that he is an angel of the Lord. It's quite apparent that only one of these two gentlemen is an angel, and the other must be carefully avoided. But which one to avoid? To solve the dilemma a "staring match" is decided upon, with Mr. White and Mr. Black the contestants. In the end the real angel is revealed, water is discovered, and the problems of the community are solved to everyone's satisfaction.
An ideal play for high schools, colleges, community theatres and church groups.


6m, 2f, 1girl(s)


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