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The Ten O'Clock Scholar - Full Length Play

The Ten O'Clock Scholar

Lewis Banci, Milburn Smith

Full Length Play

5m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822211174

Walker McCormick is a perennial graduate student (and college instruct…

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Full Length Play


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Walker McCormick is a perennial graduate student (and college instructor) who has put off writing his Ph.D. thesis so many times that his no-longer-patient wife, Nell, has decided on divorce and a fresh start—this time with a real go-getter. Having become a computer programmer to support her unhurried husband, Nell is about to go off on a date with her very ambitious (and romantically inclined) young boss when a problem arises. She and Walker had agreed to rent their Long Island beach house for the summer, but neither had bothered to get it ready for the new tenant, and suddenly a deadline is at hand. The suggestion that Nell and Bob (her suitor) will spend the weekend housecleaning stirs Walker's latent jealousy, and he is soon racing out ahead of them in company with a curvaceous blonde named Evelyn Blue, a fellow member of the Anti-Digit-Dialing League (one of the many good causes with which Walker has involved himself to avoid working on his thesis). What happens next is a hilarious contest between her almost "ex" and possibly would-be husband, with the compliant Evelyn standing by to solace the loser. Somehow it all manages to sort itself out, and eventually Nell's burning desire for success and money gives way before Walker's suggestion that she join him in peaceful little East Wickham, Massachusetts, where he has decided to accept an offer to teach in the local high school. Their turnabout leaves Bob and Evelyn to fend for themselves, but have no fear—it appears that they too were made for—or deserve—each other, as the case may be.
A resounding success with regional and stock theatres, this fast-moving comedy sparkles with exceptionally funny lines and situations as it details the hilarious reconciliation of a young couple about to be divorced—but still too much in love to really go through with it.


5m, 2f

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