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The Things You Least Expect - Full Length Play

The Things You Least Expect

Joan Vail Thorne

Full Length Play

1m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822222118

Unlike most women on the dim, mysterious side of sixty, Clare Gardiner…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


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Unlike most women on the dim, mysterious side of sixty, Clare Gardiner gets a second chance. When her domineering husband dies, Clare's sister, Myra, wants to take over where he left off, but Clare resists and sets out on a journey to find the missing person she was meant to be. Without her knowing, Sam, a volunteer chaplain whom she met in the hospital when her husband was ill, follows her to Venice. There they defy one of the most powerful taboos in our society. They fall in love—an older woman and a much younger man! Sam tries to convince Clare that age makes no difference, and she begins to believe him. She writes effusive emails to Myra and her daughter, Caroline, but she never confesses that Sam is traveling with her. In Florence she begins to indulge her other passion—painting—and Sam becomes so insanely jealous of her painting and her teacher that Clare sends him home. While she continues her travels alone, Sam accepts the overtures of Caroline and Myra at home. Caroline is attracted to Sam, and Myra enjoys playing cupid to their match. Neither of them knows of his relationship with Clare. Upon Clare's return she realizes the damage her dishonesty has done. Caroline has fallen in love in Sam, and Myra has provided funds for his college education. When Sam sees Clare again, he knows that he cannot go through with a marriage to her daughter, and he runs off with Myra's money. Caroline chooses to have the child he has left her with, and the two sisters are united in their enchantment with the baby.
"THE THINGS YOU LEAST EXPECT isn't what you'd expect. It is both provocative and comforting…funny and poignant." —Bernardsville News. "A sprightly family affair…bright and salty…" —Variety. "Provocative and amusing…a skillfully written play in which the truth about the behavior and the interior lives of these characters is a shimmering image that continuously evolves…" —Home News Tribune. "Charming, witty, freshly minted and hep…" —Time Off.


1m, 3f

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