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The Trickeries of Scapin - Full Length Play

The Trickeries of Scapin

Jean Baptiste Moliere, Tunc Yalman

Full Length Play

7m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822211730

While Argante and Geronte, two domineering, miserly fathers, are away …

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Full Length Play


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While Argante and Geronte, two domineering, miserly fathers, are away on affairs of business, their respective sons, Octave and Leandre, become embroiled in romantic escapades, despite the vigilance of their servants, who are supposed to keep their charges out of trouble. Octave (son of Argante) has become secretly married to the lovely Hyacinte; while Leandre (son of Geronte) is smitten by a charming "gypsy" girl, Zerbinette. When their fathers return and announce that they have marital plans for their respective sons, both Octave and Leandre are devastated but, fortunately, Scapin, Leandre's clever servant, is at hand, and not without resources. Reassuring the love-sick swains that he will find a way to deal with their pompous fathers, Scapin sets his delightfully devious plot in motion—not only persuading Argante and Geronte that they really want what they don't want and don't want what they do want, but also extracting money from them on the errant lovers' behalf. In the end, as fate would have it, it turns out that Hyacinte is really Geronte's daughter (and the wife that Argante had in mind for Octave all along); and Zerbinette is actually Argante's long-lost offspring (whom he had always intended to be Leandre's bride), so true love does triumph after all—and even Scapin (who has tricked them all several times over) is forgiven his hilarious misdeeds.
A lively, up-to-date new version of Molière's timelessly funny study of an ingenious trickster-servant who takes malicious delight in outwitting his bumbling masters. This edition includes detailed stage directions, plus an imaginatively constructed prologue created specially for the pilot production of the play by the North Carolina School of the Arts Company. "SCAPIN a success…in high gear from start to finish…wins and holds the audience's attention throughout." —Winston-Salem Journal. "A production brimming over with merriment, wit and charm in a new translation which faithfully locked into the author's satiric intentions." —Burlington Times-News.


7m, 3f

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