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The Voysey Inheritance - Full Length Play

The Voysey Inheritance

David Mamet, Harley Granville-Barker

Full Length Play

8m, 4f

ISBN: 9780822221289

Crime doesn't pay—or does it? When a con makes you rich, life gets a l…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Crime doesn't pay—or does it? When a con makes you rich, life gets a lot more complicated. For generations, the Voysey family business has been secretly cheating its clients. Edward, a junior partner who plans to take over the company from his aging father, is horrified when he discovers the embezzlement that has been keeping his relatives in the lap of luxury. But nobody wants Edward to dismantle the firm's criminal legacy—not his associates, not the woman he loves, and certainly not his large, pampered family. As the risk of exposure looms larger, and his sense of right and wrong becomes increasingly distorted, Edward comes to fully understand the consequences of his "inheritance." THE VOYSEY INHERITANCE is a witty, impeccably crafted portrait of a family in the midst of a surprisingly modern moral dilemma.
"Scintillating…The script resonates with [Granville-Barker's] literate wit and Mamet's sharp, spare dynamism." —San Francisco Chronicle. "As powerful an exploration of commercial misconduct as Mamet's own hardheaded business-themed dramas Glengarry Glen Ross and American Buffalo…It's difficult to imagine a work more presciently engaged with the ethics of transgression and repayment." —San Francisco Weekly.


8m, 4f

David Mamet

David Mamet

David Mamet is the author of the plays: Race, Keep Your Pantheon, School, November, Romance, Boston Marriage, Faustus, Oleanna, Glengarry Glen Ross (1984 Pulitzer Prize and New York Drama Critics Circle Award), American Buffalo, The Old Neighborhood, A Life in the Theatre, Speed-the-Plow, Edmond, Lakeboat, The Water Engine, The Woods, Sexual Perversity in Chicago, Reunion and The Cryptogram (1995 ... view full profile

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