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The Waiting Room - Full Length Play

The Waiting Room

Lisa Loomer

Full Length Play

7m, 4f

ISBN: 9780822215943

A dark comedy about the timeless quest for beauty—and its cost. Three …

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

A dark comedy about the timeless quest for beauty—and its cost. Three women from different centuries meet in a modern doctor's waiting room. Forgiveness From Heaven is an eighteenth-century Chinese woman whose bound feet are causing her to lose her toes. Victoria is a nineteenth-century tightly corsetted English woman suffering from what is commonly known as "hysteria." Then there is Wanda, a modern gal from New Jersey who is having problems with her silicone breasts. Husbands, doctors, Freud, the drug industry and the FDA all come under examination. The play is a wild ride through medical and sexual politics, including the politics of the ever-present battle with breast cancer.
"THE WAITING ROOM…is a bold, risky melange of conflicting elements that is…terrifically moving…There's no resisting the fierce emotional pull of the play." —NY Times. "THE WAITING ROOM is also one of the most adventurous productions to open Off-Broadway (or on) so far this season…THE WAITING ROOM invigorates as it astonishes. How did Ms. Loomer…ever come up with a piece that's so crazy, so brutal, so logical and so satisfying? For that matter, when was the last time any play moved you enough to ask that question?" —NY Times. "Lisa Loomer's funny-sad THE WAITING ROOM sounds like a feminist polemic but plays like first-rate comedy and drama…it's now one of the high points of this year's Off-Broadway season…Loomer's writing is never pedantic and always lively…THE WAITING ROOM is well worth a visit." —BackStage.


7m, 4f


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