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Ties - Full Length Play


Jeffrey Sweet

Full Length Play

6m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822211495

Invited by an old friend, who is now a faculty member, to guest-direct…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Invited by an old friend, who is now a faculty member, to guest-direct a student production at a small Midwestern college, Walker, whose New York theatre career has reached a standstill, warily accepts. Sharp-witted, humorously caustic and bohemian in conduct, Walker quickly shakes up the tightly knit academic community, which his candor sweeps across like a hurricane. While hard-pressed to fathom Walker's laid-back nature, the others, students and faculty alike, quickly find themselves confiding in him, and emotional attachments soon develop—principally one between Walker and his friend's divorced sister, an affair which dashes the hopes of another young professor and yet is doomed, for both, by the ghosts of past loves. In time the central questions are whether Walker will accept an offer to stay on at the college, and, beyond that, how he will deal with the possibility of another kind of love put forth by his old friend—and it is in the working out of these questions that the warmth and wit and sensitivity of this deftly written play are realized to their fullest.
This richly imaginative and probing play explores the problems created for himself—and others—when a down-on-his-luck New York theatre director is invited to teach and direct at a small midwestern college. "It's an original work that's also the genuine article, a drama of solid craft and sensitive artistry…" —Chicago Tribune. "Sweet has an uncanny knack for dialogue that unobtrusively leads you into his characters. TIES is a must-see." —Chicago Guide.


6m, 2f


Jeffrey Sweet

Jeffrey Sweet. Though produced on stages around the world, Jeffrey Sweet is most closely associated with Chicago theater. He has premiered plays at the Victory Gardens Theatre since the late seventies and is a member of its Playwrights Ensemble. Among his plays are Flyovers (Joseph Jefferson Award, best script), The Action Against Sol Schumann and American Enterprise (both American Theatre Critics ... view full profile

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