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To Fool the Eye - Full Length Play

To Fool the Eye

Jean Anouilh, Jeffrey Hatcher, Stephanie L. Debner

Full Length Play

7m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822218463

In this new adaptation of Jean Anouilh's 1940 romantic comedy, Amanda,…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

In this new adaptation of Jean Anouilh's 1940 romantic comedy, Amanda, a poor hat maker from Paris, is invited to a chateau by an eccentric duchess to spend a weekend trying to make her suicidal nephew, Albert, forget about the death of his great love, the divine Leocadia. Amanda, it turns out, is a dead ringer for the dead woman, and if she can convince Albert that she is his lost love for just three days, then Albert just might not kill himself. A gossamer tale of love and trickery, in which a fake can give more pleasure than the real thing.
"Under Hatcher's pen, the tale keeps its French accent but crackles with the wit and charm of America's old 'screwball comedy' films…All is springtime and light inside the Guthrie Theater, where Hatcher's sunny look at an old play makes you want to drive home with the windows wide open…a happy contagion that spreads through the audience like a fresh breeze…Guthrie audiences haven't laughed as loud, as hard, or as consistently in years." —St. Paul Pioneer Press-Dispatch. "Hatcher's clever humor relies on ironic wit and a keen eye for poking fun at the absurdity of pompous arrogance…This flavor fills a script that clearly reflects Anouilh's themes of memory's aching beauty and the preference humans have for infatuation over real-life love. A delightful farce that intelligently wonders about the nature of love, artifice, the eye's perception rather than the heart's reality, and the delicate distortion of memory." —Minneapolis Star Tribune. "Delightfully frothy. Jeffrey Hatcher's adaptation of Jean Anouilh's Leocadia is wonderfully clever." —Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages. "Anouilh is dancing here with his favorite theme, the interplay between illusion and memory. Hatcher interprets Leocadia as a featherweight idyll…infusing the play with a tart and distinctly American wit…light and nimble." —Variety.


7m, 2f


(optional 4-piece M/F Gypsy band)


Jean Anouilh

Jean Anouilh was born in Bordeaux on June 23, 1910. After completing his early schooling, Anouilh studied law for a short time at the Sorbonne, and then worked as a copywriter at Publicité Damour. He also wrote comic scenes for the cinema. In 1929 he collaborated with Jean Aurenche on his first play, Humulus Le Muet. It was followed in the same year by Mandarine. In 1931 Anouilh married the ... view full profile

Jeffrey Hatcher

Jeffrey Hatcher

Jeffrey Hatcher. Broadway: Never Gonna Dance (book). Off-Broadway: Three Viewings and A Picasso at Manhattan Theatre Club; Scotland Road and The Turn of the Screw at Primary Stages; Tuesdays with Morrie (with Mitch Albom) at The Minetta Lane; Murder by Poe, The Turn of the Screw, and The Spy at The Acting Company; Neddy at American Place; and Fellow Travelers at Manhattan Punchline. Other ... view full profile

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