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Tommy J & Sally - Full Length Play

Tommy J & Sally

Mark Medoff

Full Length Play

1m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822220435

Is TJ who he says he is? Is Sally who she says she is? Or is each who …

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Full Length Play


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Is TJ who he says he is? Is Sally who she says she is? Or is each who the other says the other is? A black man invades a white woman's life, claiming she's someone she says she isn't. The results are a racial and personal conflagration that changes both the intruder and intruded upon. A modern twist on Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson that unleashes a tsunami of anger and emotion leading to cleansing.
"…a hot-blooded two-character drama on race…Medoff's dialogue is fiery and darkly funny…take[s] you on a lively ride…" —Washington Post. "…neither Tom nor Sally pulls any punches. Both characters strip away the feel-good, politically correct veneer of racial harmony in order to take a hard look at what lies beneath. And it ain't pretty. As enlightened as both of these characters claim to be, there's still deeply buried prejudice and distrust, and when it's unearthed, it comes up raw and sharp." —Pioneer Press.


1m, 1f

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