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Transfers (Collection) - Collection / Anthology

Transfers (Collection)

Conrad Bromberg

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822211662

The first play, TRANSFERS, finds a glib radio newscaster interviewing …

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Collection / Anthology

The first play, TRANSFERS, finds a glib radio newscaster interviewing an eye witness to a Harlem riot, only to find himself being held up at knifepoint—with the whole episode being tape recorded for all to hear. However, the robber is also an amateur songwriter, so the stickup is temporarily delayed while he and his cohort record one of his creations for posterity. (3 men.) In the second play, THE ROOMING HOUSE, a lonely young woman, deserted by her husband, meets a seemingly sympathetic and attractive young man who, at first, appears to embody the warmth and love she so desperately needs. But the man is a compulsive and twisted liar, who systematically, and chillingly, sets about stripping her of all self-respect—and hope. (2 men, 1 woman.) The third play, DOCTOR GALLEY, is an acting tour de force in which a psychiatrist, substituting as a college lecturer, launches into a shattering revelation of his own torturing guilt as he acts out his complicity in the destruction of his wife and his professional honor. (1 man.) The first two plays each require a simple interior; the third play may be presented on a bare stage.
These three original and powerful plays may be produced either separately or as a cohesive three-part program. "A dazzling display of emotional theatricality." —Associated Press. "Mr. Bromberg is a highly skilled dramaturgical craftsman." —Village Voice. "Thrilling and stimulating theatre." —Newhouse Newspapers.
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