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True Crimes - Full Length Play

True Crimes

Romulus Linney

Full Length Play

5m, 4f

Logan Novel is a lazy man, given to reading aloud from various "True C…

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Logan Novel is a lazy man, given to reading aloud from various "True Crime" magazines which fascinate him. Fortunately for him, he is also very attractive to women and has mistresses who support him. Mary Sparks clings to Logan the most, but she is married to a rich older man, Soony Sparks. Vangey, Logan's mother, comes up with a plan to set Logan working for Soony, so that Logan and Mary can continue their affair, gain Soony's trust, and after his imminent death, move onto the farm. With a little help from natural herbs, Soony dies and Mary and Logan marry. Everything is fine until Nancy, Soony's daughter from his first marriage, seduces Logan and becomes pregnant. To keep Nancy quiet, Mary and Vangey scheme to marry her off to the son of a good family and send the bastard child to an orphanage. But after the baby is born, Mary, Vangey and Ab, Logan's father, force Logan to kill the child. Before the marriage comes off, however, Sawdust, the seemingly slow-witted handyman, reveals himself to be a very sly con artist, and blackmails them into giving him nearly all the cash they have in order to buy his silence about the killing. Logan, consumed with guilt over what he has done, seems ready to tell the world of the crimes committed until Vangey reminds him of his complicity. Realizing things will fall into place if he says nothing, in the last moment of the play, as the neighboring family approaches to discuss the wedding, Logan silences his confessional urges and waves to them in welcome.
A dark look at America's fascination with real life, celebrity killers and it's effect on our souls. When murder is romanticized and murderers become famous, does everyone else come to believe it is all right to kill in order to get ahead?


5m, 4f

Romulus Linney

Romulus Linney

Romulus Linney was the author of three novels, many short stories, and forty plays, staged throughout the United States and abroad. They include The Sorrows of Frederick, Holy Ghosts, Childe Byron, Heathen Valley, 2, and a stage adaptation of Ernest Gaines' novel, A Lesson Before Dying.He won two OBIE awards, one for Sustained Excellence in Playwriting, two National Critics Awards, three ... view full profile

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