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Two Days - Collection / Anthology

Two Days

Donald Margulies

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822219712

With TWO DAYS, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Donald Margulies offers a…

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Collection / Anthology

With TWO DAYS, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Donald Margulies offers a gripping evening of theatre that explores the impact of enormous external events on our daily lives. This double-cast double-bill opens with a twenty-minute chamber piece, LAST TUESDAY, which finds commuters on a train from New York to New Haven absorbed with the sometimes comical, quotidian details of their lives as the horror of the outside world insistently—and shockingly—intrudes. (2 men, 4 women.) JULY 7, 1994 is a haunting hour-long exploration of a day in the life of a female physician working in an inner-city health clinic. (2 men, 4 women.)
"…the hero of the evening is Margulies, whose idiomatic, finely observed writing and presiding intelligence sharpen a thoughtful and provocative evening to a finely penetrating point." —Hartford Courant. "…a powerful drama about a new and devastating age of anxiety in the United States. JULY 7, 1994 ranks as an important work by a gifted [playwright]." —Chicago Tribune. "Superb…a beauty…JULY 7, 1994 achieved what contemporary theater does at its best. In reflecting a familiar world, it revealed the sinew, muscle and blood below the skin of our own experience." —San Francisco Chronicle. "…Margulies faces [the post 9/11 reality] eerily and shatteringly head-on…genuinely moving…" —New Haven Register.
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