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Gore Vidal

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8m, 6f

ISBN: 9780822212300

Says the New York Post: "… [WEEKEND] tells of a Republican Senator who…

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Full Length Play


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Says the New York Post: "… [WEEKEND] tells of a Republican Senator who is about to announce his candidacy for his party's nomination for the Presidency when his son returns from a long stay in Europe bringing with him a Negro girl who is his sweetheart and possibly his fiancée. The Senator and his associates are shocked by the news and he thinks of withdrawing from the race. But he boldly decides to acknowledge the interracial union, only to have the entire nation hailing his great courage." But not before he has been obliged to deal with his son's attempted blackmail, his black butler's disastrous self-righteousness, and the middle-class prejudices of the girl's very distinguished—and conservative—parents. He remains deftly opportunistic to the end, but it is the simple virtues of fairness and compassion which eventually carry the day—and hopefully always will, despite the calculated maneuvers of the politicians and the cold-eyed professionals who attend them.
Featuring John Forsythe and Kim Hunter on Broadway, this witty, scintillating comedy has to do with a charming and ambitious Senator who would be President—and the hilarious family complications which he must untangle to clear his way to the White House. "…a literate play of ideas. It has style, clear characterization, excellent construction, wit and up-to-the minute topicality." —Variety. "Gore Vidal is a clever, witty intelligent man with an unbanely skeptical point of view." —NY Post. "…timely and polished." —NY Times.


8m, 6f


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