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White People - Full Length Play

White People

J.T. Rogers

Full Length Play

2m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822221258

Now—right now—what does it mean to be a white American? What does it m…

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Full Length Play


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Now—right now—what does it mean to be a white American? What does it mean for any American to live in a country that is not the one you were promised? WHITE PEOPLE is a controversial and darkly funny play about the lives of three ordinary Americans placed under the spot-light: Martin, a Brooklyn–born high powered attorney for a white-shoe law firm in St. Louis, MO; Mara Lynn, a housewife and former home-coming queen in Fayetteville, NC; and Alan, a young professor struggling to find his way in New York City. Through heart-wrenching confessions, they wrestle with guilt, prejudice, and the price they and their children must pay for their actions. WHITE PEOPLE is a candid, brutally honest meditation on race and language in our culture.
"In brutally honest confessions that eat through protective layers like acid from a battery…the piece never strikes a false note…Rare plays like this one help lift the veil." —LA Times. "WHITE PEOPLE is remarkable. The play seems less written than merely transcribed; there's not one false turn of phrase in it." —Philadelphia Inquirer. "This play by J.T. Rogers is a sobering, unsettling but deeply rewarding look at a combustible issue many of us prefer to sidestep…WHITE PEOPLE is not easy to sit through. It raises questions as it challenges our assumptions about race." —Salt Lake Tribune.


2m, 1f

J.T. Rogers

J.T. Rogers

J.T. Rogers is the author of The Overwhelming, Madagascar, White People, and Murmuring in a Dead Tongue. His works have been produced in London by the National Theatre; the Tricycle Theatre, where he was one of the 2010 Oliver Award-nominated writers of The Great Game; Theatre 503; and have toured the UK with Out of Joint and been heard on BBC radio. In New York City his plays have been seen at ... view full profile

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