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Women Still Weep - Full Length Play

Women Still Weep

Mary Orr

Full Length Play


ISBN: 9780822212751

The play takes place during the Vietnam conflict, revealing the descen…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Interior Set

The play takes place during the Vietnam conflict, revealing the descendants of the ladies who figured in the first play. The characters in the second play are played by the same actresses who portrayed their forebears in the first, and the setting, while updated, is also the same. Again the conflict centers on the fact that the men of the family are off at war, but this time the circumstances are different: The son of the family is supposedly in Vietnam; but his sister is an active war protester, and his wife is carrying on with other men. The family is visited by a descendant of Catherine Carter (who played a prominent part in the first play) and who has unearthed diaries which yield some unsettling revelations about the Lindsey family and its links to the past. In the end, however, the family is again drawn together by tragedy, as Anne, the sister, is killed in an anti-war demonstration, and the young wife, after revealing that her husband is not in Vietnam after all, goes off to Canada to stand by him as he protests the war through his voluntary exile. (NOTE: When the two plays are presented as a double bill, the omnibus title The Waiting Room may be used.)
Designed as a sequel to this author's ever popular Women Must Weep, this absorbing play can be presented independently with equal effectiveness using the same cast and set as the preceding play but moving the action ahead 100 years in time.



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