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Wonderful Time - Full Length Play

Wonderful Time

Jonathan Marc Sherman

Full Length Play

3m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822215417

Linus Worth is a graduate film student in California, getting ready to…

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Full Length Play


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Linus Worth is a graduate film student in California, getting ready to attend his best friend's wedding in New York. The morning of the flight, mistakenly thinking that this is the honest thing to do, he tells his girlfriend, Robin, that he's been unfaithful. She dumps him. Confused and dateless, he leaves for the airport. On his way, a fellow student, Betsy, asks him if she can videotape him doing something spontaneous. Linus and Betsy are strangers but have seen each other on campus. Linus agrees to be spontaneous, and what he does is offer her the extra ticket to New York. She accepts. Their time together over the weekend reveals a longing for intimacy they both feel, but look for in different ways. Attracted to each other, the find they enjoy spending a great deal of time kissing. They eventually fall into bed but Linus is looking for more. He's searching for a love he feels doesn't exist, so he hesitates to take what love he finds. He resists learning someone new, because too quickly, they become old and familiar. Yet he won't let go of the familiar, as unsatisfying as it has become, because he doesn't trust the new and unknown. Linus is a young romantic, and Betsy is a find he may lose. When they return to California, Betsy feels Linus withdraw, so takes him to her family beach house. They watch the waves break, and Betsy invites Linus to the bedroom. He accepts, but he'll follow her in a moment. She goes inside, and calls to him, several times, but as the lights fade, Linus continues to watch the waves, unable to reach a decision.


3m, 2f


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