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WTC View - Full Length Play

WTC View

Brian Sloan

Full Length Play

6m, 1f

Eric, a downtown photographer, spends the weeks after the attack on th…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Eric, a downtown photographer, spends the weeks after the attack on the World Trade Center meeting potential roommate candidates for his apartment which used to have a view of the Twin Towers. Through Eric's struggle to find a roommate, deal with his ex-boyfriend and generally keep his sanity, the play reveals the untold story of life in lower Manhattan during the strange days of September 2001.
"A World Trade Center view no longer exists by the beginning of WTC VIEW…an account of tentative love and palpable loss in the weeks after 9/11. Much of WTC VIEW is devoted to the potential roommates for Eric, a gay man in his early thirties who is only gradually disentangling his own innate anxieties and fears from those generated by the attacks. [Playwright Brian Sloan] and his director Andrew Volkoff show a refreshing reluctance to contort these encounters into teaching moments or anything else that tidy. Unlike so many fictional meetings, these elliptical, abortive exchanges feel like actual first encounters." —NY Times. "Using a clever framing device, playwright Brian Sloan examines a cross-section of the feelings and experiences voiced by New Yorkers in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack. Sloan's dialogue sensitively captures the atmosphere of the time…it's a tight, multifaceted script. There’s plenty of humor here but there's also nobility in Sloan’s portrait of a city in crisis. WTC VIEW is a potent reminder that the words 'never forget' really do have meaning." —Show Business Weekly. "It is a testament to playwright Brian Sloan that his play still captures the elegiac but persevering mood that continues to shape the city. The script handles these wide-ranging character interactions with ease, each character offering a new picture of life in NYC post-September 11." —BackStage. "WTC VIEW is a remarkable time capsule, documenting what it was like to be in New York during that crucial time. It's also a story of grief, guilt, survival and reconciliation." —NYTheatre.com.


6m, 1f

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