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Gary Grinkles Battles With Wrinkles - Short Play, Comedy

Gary Grinkles Battles With Wrinkles

Stefan Graves Lanfer

Short Play, Comedy

ISBN: 9781583421413

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Short Play


"In all of the world, North, South, East and West,/ There's only one Mudgeville, which makes it the best,/ But also the worst, I suppose, just as well,/ Which is why there is more of a story to tell." Thus begins Gary Grinkle… In most towns you can meet people. You can meet people in the grocery store, the post office or the bus stop but in Mudgeville you can't meet anyone at any of these places. Mudgeville is an unusual town, where fears,big and small, real and imagined,keep everyone hidden away in their homes. Gary Grinkle is never sure he has ironed all the wrinkles out of his clothes. He irons them all the time! Maggie Magoulish cannot bear the thought of ruining her very fancy favorite shoes,anything might happen out there and so she never goes out at all! Melissa B. Little is absolutely terrified of things she can't see,especially germs. "Can't come out! They're everywhere!" Arnold J. Arnold is glued to his TV, waiting for one special episode of his favorite show. They all seem quite hopeless, until one day Martin A. Maven moves to Mudgeville and something magical happens. Open staging. Approximate running time 30 minutes.


Flexible casting

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