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Babes In Gangland - Short Play, Melodrama

Babes In Gangland

Dutton Foster

Short Play, Melodrama

5m, 4f

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Short Play


What is a tough Chicago gangster doing under a bed in a cheap motel in the middle of nowhere? What is the mysterious connection between mobster boss Victor Antula and his dreaded rival Sal Monella, "Czar of South Dakota"? Is Lola Bottomy really Victor's moll or an undercover FBI agent? Why is Orlando Lakes tired of the racketeering life and eager to run off with Victor's lovely daughter Julietta? For the answers to these and other trivial but hilarious questions, head for "The Heat Is On" cabin camp, where Mrs. DePoint will make you very comfortable indeed. By the author of longtime favorite The Wild Flowering of Chastity, this melodramatic farce picks up on gangster films and fashions and makes scrambled eggs out of it all. Marked by puns, double entendres, asides to the audience, and other absurdities, this is a comic tour de force. A perfect contest one-act with no elaborate set requirements. Area staging. Approximate running time: 30 minutes.


5m, 4f

Dutton Foster

Dutton Foster

Dutton Foster has just retired from 42 years of teaching English and directing plays at the high school level. He continues to design and build sets for school productions. His first play, The Wild Flowering of Chastity, has been produced widely in high school, community, and dinner theater. His musical Lurking on the Railroad has also enjoyed a considerable number of productions. Mr. Foster and ... view full profile

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