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Lover Boy And Other Plays - Comedy

Lover Boy And Other Plays

Kent R. Brown


1m, 1f

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Lover Boy. Maggie Cannon, a single woman in her upper middle years known as Loose Cannon Maggie to her subordinates, is having another lonely birthday. Her colleagues have long since gone home, but Maggie, a workaholic who has recently quit smoking, is still toiling at her desk. Enter Johnny Bordeaux, a man of comparable vintage. Johnny is a male stripper, and not a particularly good one. But his spirits are high and he is determined to show Maggie a good time! One int set. Floral Fantasy. Myron Russo and Cynthia Bellassi need each other. At least that's what Cynthia thinks. A middle-aged woman reeling from the recent departure of her husband who has sent her a "glad you're not here" card from Mexico, Cynthia has asked Myron, a widowed upholsterer, to show her what he's got in stock. Myron quickly realizes he is being asked to display more than his fabric samples. One int. set. Are We There Yet? Charlotte and Charles are celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary by embarking on a 500-mile road trip to a charming little B&B Charlotte found on the Internet. Through a series of episodes, set off by mileage markers, they revive memories of their son, argue about Charlotte's desire to move to the country, speculate on the nature of time, conjure up delightful sexual fantasies and share intimate details about their health. At journey's end, ironically, they discover the B&B has lost their reservation. Undaunted, they drive on, letting their love and sense of humor be their guide. Bare stage w/ props.


1m, 1f

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