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Bleeders - Short Play, Drama


Bryan Harnetiaux

Short Play, Drama

2m, 1f

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Short Play


Gar is an aging street poet and activist. He now lives out of an old guitar case on an inner-city sidewalk in front of a blood bank and gets by giving blood and shrouding himself in entertaining yet empty rhetoric. Then Helen appears. She is a quiet, restrained, middle-aged widow who has left the safe confines of her suburban home to picket an adult bookstore adjacent to the blood bank. In the encounter that follows in this often humorous and poignant drama, Helen and Gar engage in a near-mortal combat of words and more as they move inexorably toward revelation of the shared event that has brought them together. Ultimately, each is able to pierce the other's isolation permitting them to feel, to bleed, and perhaps to be healed. Amidst this compelling tale of life in the late 20th century there is a compassionate study of the beauty of words and our inadequacy in using them to express ourselves and touch one another.


2m, 1f

Bryan Harnetiaux

Bryan Harnetiaux

Bryan Harnetiaux has been a Playwright-in-Residence at Spokane Civic Theatre in Spokane, Washington, since 1982. Thirteen of his plays have been published, and his short play The Lemonade Stand is anthologized in More One Act Plays for Acting Students (Meriwether Publishing Ltd., 2003). These works include commissioned stage adaptations of Ernest Hemingway's The Snows of Kilimanjaro and The ... view full profile

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