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Killin, A - Short Play

Killin, A

Patricia Ramsey

Short Play

2m, 1f

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Short Play

When Paul, a young boy in Appalachia, decides to leave the coal mining town and pursue his dreams, he is thrown into conflict with his father, Henry, plagued with black lung from working in the coal mines, fears there will not be enough money coming into the household; he pleads, threatens and finally appeals to the love that his son has for him to make Paul stay and work in the mines. Granny Logan, who has "a shinin'," foretells the tragedy that will take place if he does stay. She has seen the mines take one family member after another and she realizes that, indeed, there will be "a killin'." It is a play about abandoned dreams, of guilt and of family ties that are stronger than life or death. A reviewer writing in the Urban Express (Kentucky) wrote, "The obvious ignorance of an uneducated father is effective and sadly realistic, adding to the emotional upheaval of the play. The frustration of a young boy feeling trapped by his heritage and his need for his father's acceptance for his aspirations is shared and felt by the audience." A Killin' was selected as best play in the Kentucky Playwrights Festival. One simple set.


2m, 1f

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