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Stranger - Short Play, Drama


V. Glasgow Koste

Short Play, Drama

1m, 2f

ISBN: 9780871299475

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: Acting Edition

Short Play


Chicago. The Loop. A troubled woman, edgy about a vital meeting she must face, feels an irrational need to find the small theatrical hotel that she remembers from her childhood. Without knowing the why or how of her pilgrimage, she chooses, then hails a taxi. A seasoned cabby picks her up. "I've been waiting for you," she says, And he says, "I've been waiting for you." So begins a journey,brief, funny, haunting, as he takes her "home" to the now derelict, almost abandoned place where a notorious multiple murderer of nurses was once arrested. But she remembers truly the "home hotel" of her recurrent dream. Her driver takes her through a remarkable analysis, guides her through a series of clues that steady her, for the change crucial to this transitional moment. Whether we believe in him as a seer in an advanced life, a benevolent con-artist, or an empathetic eccentric who loves his work, what happens is the natural marvel of one human being,even in a brief encounter,catalyzing change in another, calling up that transforming faith in the meaning of life which restores hope. Finding your own sources with the help of angels, like one true friend (the voice on the phone) and one true stranger (a cabby named Jung) is "an indissoluble bonding between the myth and the ordinary world." (Mike Newell, director) The knowing, trusted voice of Ruth is the affirmation of Charley's renewed belief in her self, found through going back, to go ahead. (Much of this play actually happened in the summer of 1980.) Area staging. Approximate running time: 20 minutes


1m, 2f

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