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Reduced For Quick Sale - Short Play, Drama

Reduced For Quick Sale

Kent R. Brown

Short Play, Drama

1m, 3f

ISBN: 9781583420768

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Short Play


Kathy is holding a "divorce sale" in her garage. After nearly three years of marriage, Jim left Kathy for "what's her name." The divorce is set to be final in 30 days. It's late in the evening and Kathy is being helped by her mother, Dorothy, and her younger sister, Margie, both of whom have been divorced for several years. Under the tension and exhaustion of preparing for the sale, we discover intimate details of their respective marriages. Into this highly charged atmosphere steps Jim, who ostensibly has returned for his baseball cleats. Actually, he has come to explain to Kathy why he left in the hope that she'll take him back. Dorothy urges Kathy to stick to her resolve, while sister Margie advises Kathy to at least listen to Jim's explanation. The play concludes with both Kathy and Jim willing to reexamine their relationship. Dorothy ends up with a toaster, and Margie is happy that someone's "gonna make it." A very witty play that poignantly underlines the pain of failed relationships. One int. set.


1m, 3f

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