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American Beauty  (Tasca) - Short Play, Comedy

American Beauty (Tasca)

Jules Tasca

Short Play, Comedy

4m, 3f

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Short Play


Mark is so jealous of his beautiful wife, Mona, that he wants to destroy anyone who gives her a second look. So difficult is it to live with Mark (he punched the best man for kissing her at their wedding!) that Mona—who is innocent of her alluring power and only wants a calm life—runs away from Mark to live with her girlfriend, Ginger, in New York. Everyone immediately falls in love with Mona, including Ginger's boyfriend, Tom, and Tom's brother, Marty, who gives her a job. Elevator operators, security guards, salesmen, everyone in the building falls for Mona as if under some magic spell. Tom becomes so jealous he tries to poison his brother, Marty. When a third brother, Chris, a priest, enters the picture to mediate, he, too, falls in love with Mona. In the grand finale, the jealous husband, called by an angry Ginger, shows up to bring the mayhem to a wild conclusion.


4m, 3f

Jules Tasca

Jules Tasca

Jules Tasca has taught playwrighting through I.U.P. at Oxford University in England and he has performed with a Commedia dell'arte group in Central Italy. He is the author of over 125 (full length and one-act) published plays that have been produced in numerous national theaters from the Mark Taper Forum to the Bucks County Playhouse, as well as abroad in England, Ireland, Austria, Germany, South ... view full profile

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