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Thin Air - Short Play, Drama

Thin Air

Bryan Harnetiaux

Short Play, Drama

4m, 3f

ISBN: 9781583421697

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: Acting Edition

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Short Play


The scene is the basement of Radio City Music Hall in a long-abandoned studio that was once home for live radio dramas performed by "Whiz Kids Radio Theatre." Twenty-five years later, the original cast and crew reunite to once again perform this lost art and to recreate the old magic. The question is, can they pull it off? Will the occasion turn into a jubilant celebration of the good old days or will the lingering angers felt by some of them blow the whole thing apart? The Whiz Kids include the husband and wife team of Phelps Marshall and Aurora St. James; Jack Salmon, announcer and "golden throat"; and Penny, the imaginative sound-effects technician. Their joyous reunion is being chronicled for television by "Behind the Scenes" and television personality Blair McKenzie. What follows, as this delicate paean to radio unfolds, is a deft illumination of the interrelationship between art and reality. The game of life and the game of radio are tossed together with an air of electric suspense, and your case and audience will be intrigued as art and reality finally merge,and all disappear into Thin Air. One int. set.


4m, 3f

Bryan Harnetiaux

Bryan Harnetiaux

Bryan Harnetiaux has been a Playwright-in-Residence at Spokane Civic Theatre in Spokane, Washington, since 1982. Thirteen of his plays have been published, and his short play The Lemonade Stand is anthologized in More One Act Plays for Acting Students (Meriwether Publishing Ltd., 2003). These works include commissioned stage adaptations of Ernest Hemingway's The Snows of Kilimanjaro and The ... view full profile

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