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Mixed Emotions - Short Play, Comedy

Mixed Emotions

David Muschell

Short Play, Comedy

2m, 4f

ISBN: 9780871290106

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Short Play


Here's a comedy with a kaleidoscope of emotions all blended with a touch of magic. It seems simple enough: a young man wants to impress a woman at the office costume party by coming up with some kind of creative, unusual attire. When he meets a strange gypsy woman in a weird costume shop, she shows him "the mask of Jirad, the spirit of passion." He can't see anything, but it's there. She tells him that when he wears the seemingly transparent mask all his emotions will be amplified and will affect the emotions of all who are with him. It sounds crazy to him, but what the heck, and if it works...At the party he finds it works all too well as he meets the woman and her friends. All see something different in the mask as they are caught in its spell. As he focuses on the object of his desire, she finds herself falling in love quickly and deeply. But the mask begins to possess the wearer. It speaks through him in riddles and rhymes, making him say things he doesn't mean to say. He can't stop it. In fact, he can't get it off! At the height of his panic the gypsy woman enters. Now the mask comes to life and tries to strangle her! The young man won't allow this and his will wins out. With that the mask comes off and the spell is broken. The young woman and her friends now seem to see the young man for the first time. Perhaps now romance will bloom on its own. Bare stage w/props.


2m, 4f


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