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Falling Moon, The - Short Play, Comedy

Falling Moon, The

David Koren

Short Play, Comedy

5m, 6f

ISBN: 9780871296214

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: Acting Edition

Short Play


The moon is falling out of the sky! The king and his sons love war and have waged a war on Queen Marie for so long that they can barely remember why they started it. But now the moon, rapidly falling toward the earth, has asked to speak with them. A sorceress (the Prophetess) whisks the king and the princes off to see the moon's servant, the Moon Minion. The Moon Minion helps them speak with the moon, and they learn that their war has made the moon very sad and is the reason the moon is falling. The moon asks the princes to stop the war. To them, a world without war is a world without fun or excitement, and they refuse. But when confronted with the destruction of the entire planet, they agree to embark on a whirlwind journey to appease the moon. Along the way, they visit a smoldering forest, a peasant village and the castle of Queen Marie herself. They learn valuable lessons about the nature of war, the value of human life, and the good in helping others. And they manage to stop the moon, bringing peace and happiness to a world that has been without it for a very long time. The Falling Moon is a hilarious adventure story, fast-paced and wild enough to keep younger children completely engaged, yet subtle and sophisticated enough to capture the imaginations of older children and adults. Area staging.


5m, 6f


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